Horder House, Hampshire (1960) by Ted Cullinan.
Wooden house on a precast platform built by Ted Cullinan for his uncle Mervyn Horder. Situated on a sloped site, the building is designed to use solar energy to heat it.
Image from Cullinan Studios.
La Réunion
Indian katar
18th century
Double-edged tapering blade with armour-piercing tip and a depressed central panel of watered steel, each side with a raised gilt depiction of a chained elephant with inset stones for eyes, the gilt hilt of typical form, the cross bars terminating in lotuses, 18¼in. (46.4cm.) long.
Albert Gleizes (1881-1953)
Lee Miller-Man Ray- perfection…..
Golden ratio rules
Marilyn: light in the dark
Cy Twombly